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OTIS: Optimized Traveling Independent Space

Green Mountain College

REED students in Prof. Lucas Brown’s design/build class unveil their semester project, OTIS, to the community.

“Good workmanship—that is, careful, considerate, and loving work—requires us to think considerately of the whole process, natural and cultural, involved in the making of wooden artifacts […]. The good worker loves the board before it becomes a table, loves the tree before it yields the board, loves the forest before it gives up the tree.”
-Wendell Berry “Preserving Wildness”


I have had an epiphany, why. Why do we as human beings believe in such a material world? Why do we live in this mindset that buying a new pair of shoes or a new makeup pallet will make us happy? Why do we live in such conditions that are constantly killing ourselves and the world we should be cherishing? Yes material things we buy give us this feeling that make us believe things will be better now; now that we are now in debt from buying these material things and putting ourselves in the position that we now have to believe it will be better. Why in three years when I will be out of college is it appropriate to tie my self down in more debt buy leasing or renting a house? Why am I realizing this now? Because the world I have lived in up until now has made me believe that this is how we all must live life. When we are all here for a split second in the grand scheme of things. All the things we buy will have no effect to how we will be remembered in the world, if we will even be remembered. I now vow to live a simpler life doing all I can to make an impact on my life and others around me. I want to live in a tiny house when done with college. To live simply. To live happily. And to live with the constant reminder on how my actions effect the earth.